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The wellness path in a Jacuzzi hot tub

Step into any Jacuzzi hot tub and you will be convinced that comfort was our first design consideration. All their hot tubs are engineered precisely so you can enjoy a full luxurious massage every time you use it.

Each hot tub seat is ergonomically designed with different jet patterns so you can have a different massage in every seat.

Choose a lounger seat for more intense massage on calves and leg muscles.

Each hot tub seat has been designed and tested to create a specific massage in an ideal wellness path of progressive intensity.

A great hot tub massage includes hot tub jets that are the right size for a specific muscle group with the appropriate intensity. All Jacuzzi PowerPro™ jets are made to direct water flow. You can customize a massage by controlling the flow and the direction.

You can divert water flow pressure from one seat to the next and turn the hot tub jets off and on individually to personalise your massage. Some Jacuzzi hot tub jets are designed to move water back and forth in a pulsating effect. A rotating stream of pulsing water replicates a hand circling or rubbing certain areas of your back.


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